Advantages and Disadvantages – episode 11

– Oh! Cat. Are you fine? What is done to you?
– I’m fine. Still I live with my owner, but decided to stay a while away from home and then return.
– It’s ok. But be careful. Back home can be a surprise …
– No I don’t think. My owner always accepts me at home after some time off.
– I didn’t mean it. He could change you for another.
– Okay, I’ll think about it. So you were exchanged for another, was it?
– Yeah, I mean, more or less. I had to share my room with the mother of my children.
– Have you got children? Congratulations!
– Yes, I have children. These are. And this is my companion.
– I see that you’re very happy.
– Yeah, but still there is something that shatters my heart.
– What is?
– I got involved in the past with another female dog which had had other children, but unfortunately my owner doesn’t accept.
– Oh how sad. Well, it’s already dark, it’s time to go home, don’t you think?
– Yes it’s true. Let’s go.
And so each went his way. The cat returned to its owner and the dogs were with their owner home.




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