Advantages and Disadvantages – episode 10

– Puppies … But … There was never anything between us!
– What? How dare you deny that? – The dog began to get nervous and embarrassed.
– You see how I catch you? – Said the other dog. – After all those dogs are also yours …
– Take it easy. Everything can be solved. What if we lived together? I can’t live without the two of you and our little children.
– But what are these ideas? Did you suggest this female dog to come live with us? We divide the same roof? Never! Did you hear? Never! And I’m sure that our owner won’t like that idea. – And the female dog was right. The dog “presented” the other female dog and the children to the owner, but he disagreed with the chance to have them at home. And the dog had a sad face for several days.
– Looks like you two are neglected. – Said the dog.
– If I did stupid things, I assume. But those dogs can’t live without a father!
– Don’t do such drama, dog. I forgive you for having had children from another relationship.
– Seriously?
– Yes, seriously. But you have to promise not to mess with another female dog.
– Don’t worry. This will never happen again.Four years passed and the puppies became dogs like his father. The animals continued to go sightseeing from time to time to the park with the owner. And one of these days something unexpected happened.
– Father, father, come see! – Said one of the dogs.
– What’s it? What’s it?
– Behind this bush there’s a strange animal with a huge whiskers on the snout.
– Do not worry, should only be a cat therethrough. – The dog approached to see and saw that it was even a cat.
– Hey, what are you doing there? – Said the dog to the cat. – Wait … I recognize you! You are the cat! The cat that helped me some time ago when I tried to return home.
– Yes it’s me! I wasn’t expecting to meet you here after all these years.


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