Advantages and Disadventages – episode 9

– Yes I am, thanks to you. You saved my life. You’re a five star female dog!
– Don’t say that. I just helped you out of the pool. – And that was how the two animals became friends. Friends and more than that, boyfriends and even had children. Three beautiful puppies born of the relationship between the dog and the female dog.
On a sunny day, the owner decided to go walking their dogs, except the dogs that were still little.
– It’s a beautiful sunny day. Let’s do it? – And the dogs were soon running to its owner. The route to do was small because the owner lived right next to the city park.
– Ah! It’s good to be here! – The two dogs took advantage of the fact that the owner had been lying on the floor on a towel to go take a walk to the park.
– This park is still beautiful as ever, don’t you think, dog?
The two dogs continued their journey and more ahead, the dog spotted another female dog that was familiar.
– It’s her! – He said to himself. – It’s her! Finally after so long a reunion!
– What? Who are you talking about? – Asked the female dog scared.
– I’m talking about the female dog who’s there.
– Who is she?
– It’s an old friend. We met when I was run away from our owner.
– Oh yes? And have you noticed in puppies who are behind her? She  must be committed …
– Look, it’s true. And they are very beautiful. I’ll approach to her. Do you mind?
– Of course I care! What do you two have with one another?
– Nothing, nothing. We’re just friends.
– Friends? And what does this litter of puppies mean?
– Calm! It’s certainly not mine. – It was installed the discussion between the two when suddenly you hear a voice:
– Hey, dog! You are fine? How long haven’t I saw you!
– I’m fine thank you. Hello, female dog. Are you all right?
– It’s okay, within the possible. I’ve been busy taking care of your puppies.


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