Advantages and Disadvantages – episode 5

Even when the two parted, it began to rain heavily and the dog had nowhere to take shelter. He spent hours and hours to rain and saw his trip be conditioned because of the storm.
– It had to start raining now. When I needed to walk at least to feel closer to my owner is that the storm appears. I’m all wet and I think for the first time, I’ll get a cold.
After some time the dog had expressed regret, he saw in the distance a cat racing to escape from the rain.
– It seems that there is a cat and it’s very rushed. Will be able, with this rain …
The cat approached more and more the dog and this wondered why.
– But why is this cat coming towards me? I don’t even have a shelter near me.
– Hello, dog. Don’t you see it’s raining? You do not have an owner to give you shelter?
– Hello Cat. No, now I’m not living with my owner. I’m waiting to stop raining to go to him.
– So, but what made you leave your owner? I would be unable to do so.
– You know, I wanted to taste the taste of freedom …
– What freedom? Freedom to pass hunger and cold? You call that freedom? I would never be able to do so. I value my owner and I thank him for supporting me even with some difficulties, because even through them, he never left me on the street. – The dog wondered what the cat said to him and saw that he was right.
– You are right. I should have given more value to my owner. I devalued him and I ended up devaluing me myself.
– The conversation is very nice but I’m tired of being to rain. Let’s go to my house?
– Yes it can be, but …
– But what?
– And your owner? Won’t he find strange that I’m at his house?
– Don’t worry. He’s now working. We are not going to bother.
– Well, if so, I’ll go with you. – And they both went for cat house.
– Here we are. We escaped to rain. – Said the cat.
– And I’m glad your owner isn’t here.


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