Advantages and Desadvantages – episode 6

– No problem. He won’t appear. – The rain took a long time and the dog was getting impatient.
– This rain never stops. – Said the dog.
– Be patient. Already should miss little. – Suddenly you hear a noise. It was the cat owner who was coming home.
– What’s that noise? – Said the cat and the dog at the same time.
– Don’t worry. It should not be anything.
– Do you really think? It is getting closer to the door …
– But what’s this? A dog inside my house? I can’t allow such a thing! – Said the cat owner all angry.
– Flee, flee! – Said the cat to the dog, who began to run away with all the strength he had. Finally arrives at the entrance of the door and sees that it had stopped raining.
– Uff! Even in time. – Said the two simultaneously. The cat never imagined that his owner would come back at that hour. But anyway, probably he returned because of rain. The dog was sad for not having said goodbye to the cat that helped him to see things differently. Maybe one day they return to cross … After all, the cat’s owner was a person who loved to travel and maybe in one of those trips the dog could find the cat.
The dog got tired of walking and never saw the house that saw him grow. When walking, he remembered the first day he was in contact with its owner. He had just been born. He had been taken from his mother because she lived on the street, at a time when it snowed a lot. And with the image of snow, the dog “woke up” from their memories. It started to snow a lot and the dog, again, had no place where to shelter.
– And now? What do I do? I have no one to help me. Damn time I decided to leave home! – In this, the dog sees a female dog come near him.
– But what is this? A female dog?! – The dog was angry because he had had bad experiences with female dogs in the past.
– They are all the same, betrayers. I’ll never let help for her and I don’t care if I get snow! – The dog was thinking aloud and bad about the female dogs in general and she was near him and heard everything.
– Hey, take it easy. I won’t hurt you. – Said the female dog.- You’re not in a position to require that appear another animal to help you. Trust me!


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