Advantages and Disadvantages – episode 4

– Walk faster. – Said the dog. – It’s morning and if we don’t hurry, humans find us.

– OK boss. As you wish.
But they couldn’t. Dawn came and the police were on the lookout.
– And now? What do we do? – Asked the dog nervous.

– We’ll stay here.They may leave.
And so it was. The animals took the opportunity to rest a little. But things did not go as they wanted.
– Oh! What a thing. The police are still there! – Exclaimed the horse.
– Do not tell me we’ll have to stay here until they leave.
– No, you won’t have to be.
– Why not?
– Trust me. Everything will go well.
– But what are you thinking of doing?
– You’ll see.
The horse, along with the dog, approached the police and began with its snout, asking them treat.
– Look, what a beautiful horse. And it’s so docile. – Said one of the policemen.
– Yeah. And he has a dog “linked” to it. But he doesn’t seem to be as well maintained as the horse. He is very thin and the hair needs to be brushed
The animals were able to capture the attention of the police and took advantage of it in order to move forward.
– It seems that they want to cross the border.
– Yeah, poor animals. They must be lost looking for their owner.

That’s even though the animals wanted them to think. And so they have crossed the border.

– Now I have to say goodbye to you, dog.
– What? Are you going to leave me here alone? I still have so much to walk and you’ll leave me like that?
– It must be, dog. I have my obligations to my owner and you have yours. I really have to go. Bye.
– It’s ok. Goodbye and good riddance. – Said the dog almost crying.


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