Advantages and Disadvantages – episode 2

The dog was very pleased. He ran through the streets, caught bathing sun and barked whenever he liked, a freedom that did not have when he lived with his owner.

– So is that okay. – Said the dog while quietly licked its fur.
But there were some drawbacks. The dog stopped having food on the plate, when it rained, he had nowhere to shelter and could not escape the sun when pressed.
A year has passed since the dog was gone, but somehow, he was sorry for leaving his home.
– What a pity … I have no pat from my owner for so long … I wish I could run to his arms and lick him all… I will try to return home. He may receive me … And there was the dog all happy to go to his owner. It was a long journey because the dog walked away very far from its owner. The dog wanted to know what life was like but this nailed him a match and now he knows he can’t live without its owner, so he made up to the road. – There is still so much to get there … I’ll get some rest. – So did the dog. It was evening and it was very dark and cold. Suddenly the dog hears a strange noise … – What’s that noise ?! – The dog woke disturbed. – If there is someone, say even before I bite! – Said the dog before start barking. What originated that noise was a squirrel passing by the tree where the dog had been housed. – Who are you? Show yourself now! – Demanded the dog. – Easy, easy I’m just a squirrel trying to go home. And who are you, nervous animal?
– None of your knowledge who I am. What you have to do now is to let me alone.
– Okay, no need to be that rude, I’m just passing through, just wanted to talk.
– Talk … A lot of talk gave me my owner over many years …
– Owner? What owner?
– How “what owner”? You do not know what an owner is? It’s the person who is in charge of us.
– A person who is in charge of us? Never!
– Ah! I get it. You are a squirrel walking in the woods, so you don’t know what it is to have an owner.

– Certainly, I don’t know. But if you know, tell me what is like to have a human in charge of us?

– On the one hand it is good, but on the other hand is bad. We have food, water, shelter and pampering of our owners. But it seems that we have no freedom, we are all day closed between four walls, we can not go where we please, when we go to the street, it’s leash … I don’t know if it has more advantages than disadvantages.
– Well, I think there are more disadvantages than advantages properly. First because you like animals, you cease to be in contact with nature and secondly because you cease to be free.
– Yeah, you’re right. Better go hungry and be free than to have a full stomach and not being able to stroll around.
In fact, the dog was even thinking of returning home, however, the opinion of the squirrel made him change his mind.


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