Advantages and Disadvantages – episode 1

A very funny dog ​​lived in a kennel. When it rained, it was housed in it and never got a cold . Until the day when the owner decided to strip him of his small room and put it in the house.

– I never thought this would happen to me. – Thought the dog. – I was always in the dog house, a space of my own, and now I don’t understand why lead me home.

– Now that you’re all right! – Said the dog owner. There is no reason for you continue out there. – That was what he thought the owner, but the dog was very sad, so that he stopped eating and drinking.– It’s a dry living indoors. – Lamented the poor dog. – I can’t take the air of the street, barking when other dogs or people go … it’s a bummer. Now I want to eat or drink. Mmm … Maybe if I tried to escape out of here … I’ll try. – And so did the dog.  

One day, the dog’s owner was washing the car next to the driveway. – This is the perfect time to go away … – thought the dog.

While the dog’s owner was washing the car with a hose, the dog slipped the garden gate out and began to run at full speed so that no one realized he was fleeing.

– What the hell! Where did the dog go?- asked the owner of the dog very angry. – I gave him the comfort of my home and now thank me as well? Where you have seen such a thing?


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