Advantages and disadvantages – episode 3

 The days passed and the dog was increasingly ugly. He slimmed down a lot, so that they noticed the bones and its hair needed to be cleaned and brushed. Even the other animals saw and noticed the difference making comments.

– So, dog! It seems you don’t eat for days! – Said a rat passing by.

– You can believe that. I don’t eat for days. – Replied the dog.

Life on the street was also very difficult and laborious was to get food. In addition, the dog passed trough all weather conditions that might exist. He passed by the sun, rain, snow, wind … until the day that he reflected better and decided to give up its freedom to try its luck with its former owner.

– Well, I think I’d rather stay at home. At least I’m better fed and I’m sure certain people and animals will no longer be frightened by my presence. I’m going to my owner.

However, the task was not easy. The dog walked away a lot, but really a lot from its owner and it would take days to get to its home.

– I can even get all tattered, but I am sure that I will be received again.

– Are you sure? – Said an ant that was passing every day and knew the dog.

– If I were you, I’d give up this idea. There’s a big storm there to the side where you want to go.

– Seriously? I had no idea. But still I will. I can not stand having to go hungry and to walk so thin.

– Well, if you say so … I’m not the one to make you change your mind. But be careful. If you are not careful, you can die …

– Do not worry. I will get away and get me solutions to all these obstacles.

– So be it. Good luck and good trip.

– Thank you.

– You’re welcome.

And so left the dog in search of its owner. But as said the ant he had to face many adversities. But he had the help of some animals that intersected with him in his journey. When he had to go through a rain storm and wind, there was a horse that wanted to help him. The two were close to a border and could not pass because of the police.


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