Advantages and Disadvantages – episode 11

– Oh! Cat. Are you fine? What is done to you?
– I’m fine. Still I live with my owner, but decided to stay a while away from home and then return.
– It’s ok. But be careful. Back home can be a surprise …
– No I don’t think. My owner always accepts me at home after some time off.
– I didn’t mean it. He could change you for another.
– Okay, I’ll think about it. So you were exchanged for another, was it?
– Yeah, I mean, more or less. I had to share my room with the mother of my children.
– Have you got children? Congratulations!
– Yes, I have children. These are. And this is my companion.
– I see that you’re very happy.
– Yeah, but still there is something that shatters my heart.
– What is?
– I got involved in the past with another female dog which had had other children, but unfortunately my owner doesn’t accept.
– Oh how sad. Well, it’s already dark, it’s time to go home, don’t you think?
– Yes it’s true. Let’s go.
And so each went his way. The cat returned to its owner and the dogs were with their owner home.




Advantages and Disadvantages – episode 10

– Puppies … But … There was never anything between us!
– What? How dare you deny that? – The dog began to get nervous and embarrassed.
– You see how I catch you? – Said the other dog. – After all those dogs are also yours …
– Take it easy. Everything can be solved. What if we lived together? I can’t live without the two of you and our little children.
– But what are these ideas? Did you suggest this female dog to come live with us? We divide the same roof? Never! Did you hear? Never! And I’m sure that our owner won’t like that idea. – And the female dog was right. The dog “presented” the other female dog and the children to the owner, but he disagreed with the chance to have them at home. And the dog had a sad face for several days.
– Looks like you two are neglected. – Said the dog.
– If I did stupid things, I assume. But those dogs can’t live without a father!
– Don’t do such drama, dog. I forgive you for having had children from another relationship.
– Seriously?
– Yes, seriously. But you have to promise not to mess with another female dog.
– Don’t worry. This will never happen again.Four years passed and the puppies became dogs like his father. The animals continued to go sightseeing from time to time to the park with the owner. And one of these days something unexpected happened.
– Father, father, come see! – Said one of the dogs.
– What’s it? What’s it?
– Behind this bush there’s a strange animal with a huge whiskers on the snout.
– Do not worry, should only be a cat therethrough. – The dog approached to see and saw that it was even a cat.
– Hey, what are you doing there? – Said the dog to the cat. – Wait … I recognize you! You are the cat! The cat that helped me some time ago when I tried to return home.
– Yes it’s me! I wasn’t expecting to meet you here after all these years.

Advantages and Disadventages – episode 9

– Yes I am, thanks to you. You saved my life. You’re a five star female dog!
– Don’t say that. I just helped you out of the pool. – And that was how the two animals became friends. Friends and more than that, boyfriends and even had children. Three beautiful puppies born of the relationship between the dog and the female dog.
On a sunny day, the owner decided to go walking their dogs, except the dogs that were still little.
– It’s a beautiful sunny day. Let’s do it? – And the dogs were soon running to its owner. The route to do was small because the owner lived right next to the city park.
– Ah! It’s good to be here! – The two dogs took advantage of the fact that the owner had been lying on the floor on a towel to go take a walk to the park.
– This park is still beautiful as ever, don’t you think, dog?
The two dogs continued their journey and more ahead, the dog spotted another female dog that was familiar.
– It’s her! – He said to himself. – It’s her! Finally after so long a reunion!
– What? Who are you talking about? – Asked the female dog scared.
– I’m talking about the female dog who’s there.
– Who is she?
– It’s an old friend. We met when I was run away from our owner.
– Oh yes? And have you noticed in puppies who are behind her? She  must be committed …
– Look, it’s true. And they are very beautiful. I’ll approach to her. Do you mind?
– Of course I care! What do you two have with one another?
– Nothing, nothing. We’re just friends.
– Friends? And what does this litter of puppies mean?
– Calm! It’s certainly not mine. – It was installed the discussion between the two when suddenly you hear a voice:
– Hey, dog! You are fine? How long haven’t I saw you!
– I’m fine thank you. Hello, female dog. Are you all right?
– It’s okay, within the possible. I’ve been busy taking care of your puppies.

Advantages and Disadvantages – episode 8

– I’m almost there! I’ll finally I eat and sleep the time I want after this long journey. – He hardly knew the dog was going to have a nasty surprise … This is because the owner now had a female dog. It’s true. He replaced the dog for a four paw female. The dog was very disappointed and angry.
– What? I don’t believe what my eyes are seeing. How did he arrange a female dog to take my place! – The dog was furious but didn’t give up to move toward its owner.
– I will recover what’s mine! She’ll see! – The dog approached the female dog and told her:
– Hey you! Aren’t you ashamed to steal the owner of the other ?!
– What? Who are you? I don’t know what you’re talking about.
– You know very well what I’m talking about! You’re equal to the others!
– But what are you are talking about? Who are you?
– I am the dog of this owner whom you certainly lick the feet, I was his dog!
– You were his dog? So why haven’t I saw you when I came to this house?
– Because I ran away from him. But that doesn’t matter now. What matters is that he is mine!
– And aren’t you ashamed of what you did? Having abandoned your owner?
– Who are you to tell me about shame? You’re the one who should be ashamed!
– Hear something. I’m not guilty because you became ownerless. I didn’t even know you had been his pet. – But as much as the female dog explained herself, the dog would never understand that she wasn’t guilty.
Until the day that changed. One day the owner was swimming in the pool. Upon entering it, with a jump, he wet the edges of the pool. The floor was therefore slippery, but the owner wanted to play with the dog.
– Hey! Catch this ball! – The owner threw the ball to the other side of the pool and the dog ran after it. But as the ground was wet, the dog slipped and fell into the pool. Scared and without knowing how to swim, the dog barked for help.
– Help me, help me, I can’t swim! – It was then that appeared the female dog after hearing the barking and succored.
– It’s O.K. You are fine?

Advantages and Disadvantages – episode 7

– How? How can I trust someone who belongs to the scum who betrayed me? You are all the same!
– Take it easy. I’m not who you think I am. And so I can help you. Believe me.
– I’ll only believe you if you garantee me that you’ll give me shelter, which is what I need.
– Very well. It was really about that why I wanted to talk to you. I have a dog house near here. It’s big enough for both of us.
– Okay, I’ll go with you. But don’t you mess with me. I’m only going because I’m really need, understand?
– Yes I noticed. Now, come on then, you’re all wet.
– Listen, and your owner? Won’t he find it strange I’ll be here?
– No, no problem. It doesn’t matter, on the contrary. He wants me to give him a litter …
– What? Are you crazy? I’ll never, ever enfold me with you to that point, you hear?
– Okay, don’t be like that. I was just kidding. I’ll respect your space and privacy. I swear that nothing will happen between us in the coming days.
– Days? What are you talking about?
– About the snow! It will take days this blizzard to pass. You’ll have to stay here for a while. – and so it was. The dog stayed with the female dog for three days. On the third day, the dog felt he was going to miss the female dog.
– Look, in spite of being who you are, I will miss you. You gave me shelter during these days and gave food for me. – Said the dog.
– Come on, don’t be like that… – reassured him the female dog. – You’ll see that one day we’ll meet again.
– I don’t know, I don’t know … Lately I’ve made friendships that later fall apart in the blink of an eye. It’s not fair.
– But whenever you do them,  you strip advantage of them. That’s what you have to focus on. Don’t be sad, I don’t like to see you like this.
– Yes, but tomorrow you’ll stop seeing me if the snow goes away. And it should end, from what we heard your master say. – The day of farewell finally arrived and the dog resumed his journey in search of its owner. He knew he was not far from his home, which made them rejoice too.

Advantages and Desadvantages – episode 6

– No problem. He won’t appear. – The rain took a long time and the dog was getting impatient.
– This rain never stops. – Said the dog.
– Be patient. Already should miss little. – Suddenly you hear a noise. It was the cat owner who was coming home.
– What’s that noise? – Said the cat and the dog at the same time.
– Don’t worry. It should not be anything.
– Do you really think? It is getting closer to the door …
– But what’s this? A dog inside my house? I can’t allow such a thing! – Said the cat owner all angry.
– Flee, flee! – Said the cat to the dog, who began to run away with all the strength he had. Finally arrives at the entrance of the door and sees that it had stopped raining.
– Uff! Even in time. – Said the two simultaneously. The cat never imagined that his owner would come back at that hour. But anyway, probably he returned because of rain. The dog was sad for not having said goodbye to the cat that helped him to see things differently. Maybe one day they return to cross … After all, the cat’s owner was a person who loved to travel and maybe in one of those trips the dog could find the cat.
The dog got tired of walking and never saw the house that saw him grow. When walking, he remembered the first day he was in contact with its owner. He had just been born. He had been taken from his mother because she lived on the street, at a time when it snowed a lot. And with the image of snow, the dog “woke up” from their memories. It started to snow a lot and the dog, again, had no place where to shelter.
– And now? What do I do? I have no one to help me. Damn time I decided to leave home! – In this, the dog sees a female dog come near him.
– But what is this? A female dog?! – The dog was angry because he had had bad experiences with female dogs in the past.
– They are all the same, betrayers. I’ll never let help for her and I don’t care if I get snow! – The dog was thinking aloud and bad about the female dogs in general and she was near him and heard everything.
– Hey, take it easy. I won’t hurt you. – Said the female dog.- You’re not in a position to require that appear another animal to help you. Trust me!

Advantages and Disadvantages – episode 5

Even when the two parted, it began to rain heavily and the dog had nowhere to take shelter. He spent hours and hours to rain and saw his trip be conditioned because of the storm.
– It had to start raining now. When I needed to walk at least to feel closer to my owner is that the storm appears. I’m all wet and I think for the first time, I’ll get a cold.
After some time the dog had expressed regret, he saw in the distance a cat racing to escape from the rain.
– It seems that there is a cat and it’s very rushed. Will be able, with this rain …
The cat approached more and more the dog and this wondered why.
– But why is this cat coming towards me? I don’t even have a shelter near me.
– Hello, dog. Don’t you see it’s raining? You do not have an owner to give you shelter?
– Hello Cat. No, now I’m not living with my owner. I’m waiting to stop raining to go to him.
– So, but what made you leave your owner? I would be unable to do so.
– You know, I wanted to taste the taste of freedom …
– What freedom? Freedom to pass hunger and cold? You call that freedom? I would never be able to do so. I value my owner and I thank him for supporting me even with some difficulties, because even through them, he never left me on the street. – The dog wondered what the cat said to him and saw that he was right.
– You are right. I should have given more value to my owner. I devalued him and I ended up devaluing me myself.
– The conversation is very nice but I’m tired of being to rain. Let’s go to my house?
– Yes it can be, but …
– But what?
– And your owner? Won’t he find strange that I’m at his house?
– Don’t worry. He’s now working. We are not going to bother.
– Well, if so, I’ll go with you. – And they both went for cat house.
– Here we are. We escaped to rain. – Said the cat.
– And I’m glad your owner isn’t here.

Advantages and Disadvantages – episode 4

– Walk faster. – Said the dog. – It’s morning and if we don’t hurry, humans find us.

– OK boss. As you wish.
But they couldn’t. Dawn came and the police were on the lookout.
– And now? What do we do? – Asked the dog nervous.

– We’ll stay here.They may leave.
And so it was. The animals took the opportunity to rest a little. But things did not go as they wanted.
– Oh! What a thing. The police are still there! – Exclaimed the horse.
– Do not tell me we’ll have to stay here until they leave.
– No, you won’t have to be.
– Why not?
– Trust me. Everything will go well.
– But what are you thinking of doing?
– You’ll see.
The horse, along with the dog, approached the police and began with its snout, asking them treat.
– Look, what a beautiful horse. And it’s so docile. – Said one of the policemen.
– Yeah. And he has a dog “linked” to it. But he doesn’t seem to be as well maintained as the horse. He is very thin and the hair needs to be brushed
The animals were able to capture the attention of the police and took advantage of it in order to move forward.
– It seems that they want to cross the border.
– Yeah, poor animals. They must be lost looking for their owner.

That’s even though the animals wanted them to think. And so they have crossed the border.

– Now I have to say goodbye to you, dog.
– What? Are you going to leave me here alone? I still have so much to walk and you’ll leave me like that?
– It must be, dog. I have my obligations to my owner and you have yours. I really have to go. Bye.
– It’s ok. Goodbye and good riddance. – Said the dog almost crying.

Advantages and Disadvantages – episode 2

The dog was very pleased. He ran through the streets, caught bathing sun and barked whenever he liked, a freedom that did not have when he lived with his owner.

– So is that okay. – Said the dog while quietly licked its fur.
But there were some drawbacks. The dog stopped having food on the plate, when it rained, he had nowhere to shelter and could not escape the sun when pressed.
A year has passed since the dog was gone, but somehow, he was sorry for leaving his home.
– What a pity … I have no pat from my owner for so long … I wish I could run to his arms and lick him all… I will try to return home. He may receive me … And there was the dog all happy to go to his owner. It was a long journey because the dog walked away very far from its owner. The dog wanted to know what life was like but this nailed him a match and now he knows he can’t live without its owner, so he made up to the road. – There is still so much to get there … I’ll get some rest. – So did the dog. It was evening and it was very dark and cold. Suddenly the dog hears a strange noise … – What’s that noise ?! – The dog woke disturbed. – If there is someone, say even before I bite! – Said the dog before start barking. What originated that noise was a squirrel passing by the tree where the dog had been housed. – Who are you? Show yourself now! – Demanded the dog. – Easy, easy I’m just a squirrel trying to go home. And who are you, nervous animal?
– None of your knowledge who I am. What you have to do now is to let me alone.
– Okay, no need to be that rude, I’m just passing through, just wanted to talk.
– Talk … A lot of talk gave me my owner over many years …
– Owner? What owner?
– How “what owner”? You do not know what an owner is? It’s the person who is in charge of us.
– A person who is in charge of us? Never!
– Ah! I get it. You are a squirrel walking in the woods, so you don’t know what it is to have an owner.

– Certainly, I don’t know. But if you know, tell me what is like to have a human in charge of us?

– On the one hand it is good, but on the other hand is bad. We have food, water, shelter and pampering of our owners. But it seems that we have no freedom, we are all day closed between four walls, we can not go where we please, when we go to the street, it’s leash … I don’t know if it has more advantages than disadvantages.
– Well, I think there are more disadvantages than advantages properly. First because you like animals, you cease to be in contact with nature and secondly because you cease to be free.
– Yeah, you’re right. Better go hungry and be free than to have a full stomach and not being able to stroll around.
In fact, the dog was even thinking of returning home, however, the opinion of the squirrel made him change his mind.

Advantages and Disadvantages – episode 1

A very funny dog ​​lived in a kennel. When it rained, it was housed in it and never got a cold . Until the day when the owner decided to strip him of his small room and put it in the house.

– I never thought this would happen to me. – Thought the dog. – I was always in the dog house, a space of my own, and now I don’t understand why lead me home.

– Now that you’re all right! – Said the dog owner. There is no reason for you continue out there. – That was what he thought the owner, but the dog was very sad, so that he stopped eating and drinking.– It’s a dry living indoors. – Lamented the poor dog. – I can’t take the air of the street, barking when other dogs or people go … it’s a bummer. Now I want to eat or drink. Mmm … Maybe if I tried to escape out of here … I’ll try. – And so did the dog.  

One day, the dog’s owner was washing the car next to the driveway. – This is the perfect time to go away … – thought the dog.

While the dog’s owner was washing the car with a hose, the dog slipped the garden gate out and began to run at full speed so that no one realized he was fleeing.

– What the hell! Where did the dog go?- asked the owner of the dog very angry. – I gave him the comfort of my home and now thank me as well? Where you have seen such a thing?

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